May 2018

The stage was spectacular!  The flowers were quite amazing!  When asked how he described his style, DEREK ARMSTRONG from Carlisle modestly answered he was quite traditional.  This was not the case!  Vibrant pinks, restful blues and stately white created a rainbow of colours.  Derek began his demonstration “The Scents of Spring” with a long, low table centrepiece of orange gerbera, red pieris and deep purple mophead hydrangea, lit with tangerine scented candles.  It was most dramatic and certainly a talking point at any dinner party!  Having originally trained as a Chef, Derek changed his career direction to become a floral artist but still hosts regular gastronomic evenings.

With an emphasis on scent, Derek created a table arrangement for romantic dinners that would perfume the air with sweet jasmine, sweet peas and lily of the valley.   As he worked, the  sweet smell gently washed over the audience creating both a sensory and visual experience.  His final piece was a large rocking structure in homage to the spring blossom of Japan.  Using  pink sand cherry and a lavender anthurium with sculpted phormium leaves, Derek used this large horseshoe shaped mechanism as the centre for his final staging.  It was an evening that was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Latest News:

    JUDY WATKER returned to the Club in October to demonstrate Inspiration And Imagination.  She was delightfully funny and warm with tremendous creative artistry.  Her arrangements were harmonious and unique including specific plant material technical skills such as dyeing, weaving and folding.

    Judy was inspired by Picasso and used a circular green-wire frame decorated with green carnations, white avalanche roses and green cymbidium orchids to create the circle of life.  Her inspiration from zebra patterning was created using material dyed black and white.  She wove cycas palms into differing shapes and using white flowers created a stunning focal highlight.  Moving onto a shipwreck, Judy used a rusty sphere which she arranged with pupura violeta ginger and maxima violeta anthurium with woven cycas palm leaves to create a tropical vibe.

    Judy is a woman of many talents and we are hoping to ask her to return to do a workshop with us to share her creative skills.  The evening was enjoyed by all and her floristry talents commended by everyone.