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Jane O’Sullivan, Lillian Pooley, Penny Sedman, Janet Williamson, Pauline Willingham, Liz McGuire, Alison Crossland, Stella Morris

Latest News:

    Our programme of events ended with a wonderful demonstration by JONATHAN MOSELEY. He filled the stage with colour, style and the wow factor! An experienced National Demonstrator of 21 years, Jonathan is internationally renowned, a television judge, and the Chatsworth floral arranger. Using many different materials, harmonious colour tones and dramatic containers, Jonathan created a symphony of colour. He created a starburst arrangement using champagne coloured bamboo sticks, cotoneaster rothschildianus and rhapis palm. A black glass vase with white fragrant genista, double lime eustoma and birch twigs amongst other flowers were used to highlight the stage. Birch bark covered boxes were filled with deep purple brassicas, the beautiful lilac coloured rosa lullaby and the pirouette clematis. The stage was a festive delight!

    It was an evening of entertainment and relaxation. A fitting end for our 50th Anniversary Year!