Upcoming Events

Lee Berrill (Northampton) - "Natures Song"
on 13 09 2018 19:30

Nicola Davies-Murray (York) - Title TBA + Afternoon Workshop
on 11 10 2018

Christmas Cornucopia
on 08 11 2018

Andrew Grisewood (Pocklington) - "Unwrap The Season" + OPEN MEETING
on 13 12 2018 19:30

Latest News:

    The stage was spectacular!  The flowers were quite amazing!  When asked how he described his style, DEREK ARMSTRONG from Carlisle modestly answered he was quite traditional.  This was not the case!  Vibrant pinks, restful blues and stately white created a rainbow of colours.  Derek began his demonstration “The Scents of Spring” with a long, low table centrepiece of orange gerbera, red pieris and deep purple mophead hydrangea, lit with tangerine scented candles.  It was most dramatic and certainly a talking point at any dinner party!  Having originally trained as a Chef, Derek changed his career direction to become a floral artist but still hosts regular gastronomic evenings.

    With an emphasis on scent, Derek created a table arrangement for romantic dinners that would perfume the air with sweet jasmine, sweet peas and lily of the valley.   As he worked, the  sweet smell gently washed over the audience creating both a sensory and visual experience.  His final piece was a large rocking structure in homage to the spring blossom of Japan.  Using  pink sand cherry and a lavender anthurium with sculpted phormium leaves, Derek used this large horseshoe shaped mechanism as the centre for his final staging.  It was an evening that was thoroughly enjoyed by all.